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What services do you offer?

We cater for a vast range of services including residential, commercial, emergency call-outs, modular, insurance, air conditioning, maintenance, and repairs. In short, we cover a wide area of electrical contracting work.

What is CM3 and why is Prime Time Electricians accredited with it?

CM3 is something of an industry standard for all construction workers. It is an essential component of ensuring Operational Health & Safety (OHS) compliance. Basically, CM3 ensures that all contractors are licensed, insured, and meet the fundamental OHS legislative requirements - so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed by a dubious electrician. This is a well-recognised standard for all kinds of construction work, which is one reason we opted for this accreditation.

What is the Clean Energy Council and why is Prime Time Electricians a member?

The Clean Energy Council (‘CEC’) is an industry association of more than 600 companies. It sets the standard for clean energy efficiency in Australia. They have a large influence in the arena of solar panels and the accreditations of solar panel installers. It is a non-profit organization aiming to assist in a Greener Australia. All CEC members (including Prime Time Electricians) must abide by the code of conduct and with the highest levels of commercial integrity. Moreover, all members must be actively working to reduce inefficiency and promote a greener environment. We believe that efficiency and eco-friendly design go hand in hand.

What is the significance of being a member of the Master Electricians Association?

Being a member of the Australian Master Electricians Association shows that we are serious about our work and about our ethos of constant and neverending improvement. This membership provides networking opportunities and allows us to stay abreast with updates in the electrical industry. It also provides resources for growing an electrical contracting business by providing more value to customers.

What is the Prime Time Electricians work philosophy?

We believe in more than just working hard and being professional. To be good in any industry, you need to have a spark of motivation and enthusiasm. This is why we are constantly innovating and looking for more efficient ways to do things. Being comfortable can be very counterproductive if you lose the spark as a result. If you’re not moving forward, you are moving backwards. We look for the best across all categories of the business - customer service, web design, content, communication, hardware, employee training, accreditation, and the many other items that are critical to our continued success.

Is Prime Time Electrical complaint with the relevant laws and regulations?

Yes, Prime Time Electricians is aware of and compliant with the framework surrounding electrical contracting work. In WA, the 1991 Electricity Regulations outline the legal framework for electrical contractors. The Electrical Licencing Board issues licences to those contractors able to comply with the standards. Licenced electricians have to demonstrate a series of 55 competencies in order to get the licence. There are still many rogue contractors that perform electrical work without a licence. The end result is a product failure and an inevitable fine. We have an electrical contractors licence and all staff will have an electrical licence unless completing an apprenticeship.

What is the importance of doing regular electrical repairs and maintenance?

Ultimately, getting a checkup or a comprehensive electrical inspection will save you money and enhance your safety. With time, even high-quality appliances are rendered obsolete and need to be upgraded. Maintenance can also prevent surges and dips in power so you have a steady and consistent flow. You just need to ensure that you get regular maintenance and repairs with a qualified electrical contractor like Prime Time Electricians.

Can I complete electrical repairs myself?

No. In fact, it is illegal to carry out even minor electrical work, aside from changing a light bulb and other tasks. This is not simply due to needless bureaucracy. Electrical hazards are extremely dangerous. People die every year due to electrocution and electrical fires caused by inferior quality services and a failure to complete routine maintenance work. It’s not an irritating side job - electricity is an essential necessity that needs to be tended to. It is best taken seriously and done well so you don’t have to worry about it for years to come. Prime Time Electricians can do the repairs and can provide a complete electrical compliance inspection.
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