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What Are The Benefits of LED Lights
Lighting Upgrades

What Are The Benefits of LED Lights? Why You Should Make The Switch

As the world looks for new ways to improve energy efficiency around the home, light bulbs have come under scrutiny. Traditional incandescent light bulbs are known for being inefficient, using more energy for producing heat than they do light.

Electrical Safety check for home
Electrical Safety

Simple Tips For Electrical Safety Around The Home

Having a well-maintained electrical system and practicing proper electrical safety are some of the most important aspects of home ownership. Read on to find out some simple tips for electrical safety around your home.

how often do you need to rewire a house
Electrical Repairs

How Often Do You Need to Rewire Your Home?

One of the responsibilities of a property owner is to maintain the electrical system in good working condition. Old electrical wiring can make the system


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