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Electrical Repairs

13 Sep, 2023
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What Causes Electrical Fires? Prevention and Safety Tips

For Perth residents and business owners, it’s important to know about the hidden dangers of faulty electrical systems. Electrical fires are a big one that we might not always think about. Electrical fires can ignite suddenly, spreading swiftly and often causing devastating damage. But what causes electrical fires, and how do electrical fires start? What […]

21 Mar, 2023
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The Importance of Electrical Maintenance: Protecting Your Property’s Safety and Functionality

Nothing is immune to the passing of time, and certainly not electrical systems, appliances and equipment. But what is electrical maintenance? Well, much like your car, electrical systems, equipment and appliances benefit from regular servicing.  And similarly to your car, the importance of electrical maintenance cannot be overstated. Electrical faults can be very dangerous, and […]

13 Dec, 2022
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What Do I Do In An Electrical Emergency?

Emergencies are often life or death situations, and electrical emergencies are no different. And an emergency is no place for uncertainty or doubt about how to proceed. It is also not a time to be stopping and learning how to act in the situation, as every second counts. Electrical problems have the extra complication of […]

04 Aug, 2022
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How Does An RCD Work In An Emergency?

Electrical safety is one of the most important aspects of home ownership. But this doesn’t just mean having the safety measures in place. It is one thing to have an RCD, circuit breaker or smoke alarm installed, but it is another to actually understand its purpose. It is vitally important that you know how safety measures work as this will also tell you what their limitations are. This will allow you to plan accordingly and be aware which aspects/areas of your home are less protected than others.

21 Jul, 2022
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How Do Smoke Alarms Work?

A smoke alarm is the first and best way to alert the occupants of a building to the presence of a fire. They are an essential part of fire safety as they are active at night when your family is asleep. Not only are smoke detectors the most effective, knowing how they work can hugely improve the effectiveness of these other methods. So how do smoke alarms work?

18 Jan, 2022
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How To Find Out If There Is An Electrical Leak In Your Home

An electrical leak is when electricity is flowing to or from an appliance in your home when it shouldn’t be. It can occur when electrical equipment is on or off, and is not always something that the circuit breakers will pick up on. There are a number of reasons why this may be happening. Common […]

13 Dec, 2021
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How Often Do You Need to Rewire Your Home?

One of the responsibilities of a property owner is to maintain the electrical system in good working condition. Old electrical wiring can make the system trip frequently, blow fuses, spark an electrical fire, or cause electrical shock. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on old electrical wiring to check for possible problems and […]

11 Oct, 2021
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What Is A Power Surge And How Can You Protect Your Home?

A power surge occurs when the circuits in your home undergo sudden brief jolts of high electrical voltage. This can occur when the flow of electricity is interrupted and then started again, or when additional electricity flows back into the circuit. Surges can range from small scale, where you can’t even notice them, to large […]

11 Aug, 2021
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How To Avoid An Overloaded Power Outlet At Home

We live in a time where there are numerous electronic devices available to us which allow us to multitask in our busy lives. However, using too many appliances at once can overload your power outlet, making a risky electrical fault more likely.    What is an overloaded power outlet? All power outlets are designed to […]

23 Jul, 2021
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Doing Your Own Electrical Work – Pros & Cons

With the abundance of home improvement tv shows available these days, people have become obsessed with DIY projects – which is all well and good, until you try doing your own electrical work. Usually, completing a home improvement project will save you money and you will have finished a satisfying day’s work, but electrical work […]

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