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Electrical Repairs

11 Oct, 2021
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What Is A Power Surge And How Can You Protect Your Home?

A power surge occurs when the circuits in your home undergo sudden brief jolts of high electrical voltage. This can occur when the flow of electricity is interrupted and then started again, or when additional electricity flows back into the circuit. Surges can range from small scale, where you can’t even notice them, to large […]

11 Aug, 2021
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How To Avoid An Overloaded Power Outlet At Home

We live in a time where there are numerous electronic devices available to us which allow us to multitask in our busy lives. However, using too many appliances at once can overload your power outlet, making a risky electrical fault more likely.    What is an overloaded power outlet? All power outlets are designed to […]

23 Jul, 2021
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Doing Your Own Electrical Work – Pros & Cons

With the abundance of home improvement tv shows available these days, people have become obsessed with DIY projects – which is all well and good, until you try doing your own electrical work. Usually, completing a home improvement project will save you money and you will have finished a satisfying day’s work, but electrical work […]

17 Mar, 2021
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8 Essential Questions To Ask Your Electrician

How to choose the best electrician for the job, according to Perth’s local experts As a Perth home or business owner, it’s likely that you will need the services of a professional electrician at least once or twice (maybe more).But, with so many services claiming to be ‘top local professionals’, how do you know which […]


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