08 Sep, 2022
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Do Security Lights Deter Burglars?

A person’s home is their castle, as the saying goes. And sometimes the castle needs to be secured against outside threats. For the residential family, one of the most common dangers are burglars. They are difficult to predict and the uncertainty about them makes them a considerable threat.  

Burglaries will often fall into two categories: opportunistic or planned. Opportunistic burglars will commit their crimes whenever they fancy, and will often prowl around looking for easy scores. This type of burglar can be combatted by visible security systems that make a statement, as the risk far outweighs the chance of a reward for these burglars. 

The more prepared burglars will stake out houses that appear to be vulnerable, and make a prepared strike when it is most advantageous for them to do so. Combatting these type of burglars often requires a greater investment into home security systems. But the benefits far outweigh the positives, especially as any method that works against a planned burglary will also deter an opportunistic burglar.

Lights Deter Burglars

The effectiveness of security lighting in deterring burglars

There are several ways regarding how to secure your home from a break in, but one of the most visible would be security lighting. This takes the form of bright outdoor lighting around the house that is designed to bathe the area all around in light. The theory as to how security lights deter burglars is that they will avoid breaking into the house because it will be far easier to spot them doing so. 


And it works too. Studies by the New York Scientific Research Crime Lab found that there are two main positive effects of neighbourhood-wide outdoor security lighting. The first is that it immediately cuts down the amount of crimes that occur in the area (by 39% in their study). The other effect is that it reduces the likelihood of these houses becoming burglary victims (by 7% in their study). So not only does security lighting protect yourself, but it also protects your neighbours. 


Burglars will almost always strike under the cover of night, so if you do decide to have outdoor security lights installed, be sure to get a licensed residential electrician to do the job, as they know how to safely install security lights outdoors. But, of course, the best approach to home defence is a combined one. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so here’s some other strategies on how to protect your home against burglary:

Install security cameras around your home

It’s one of the higher-end options, but it’s hard to beat security cameras when it comes to deterrence. They’re also one of the methods that works well when trying to identify intruders and recover any stolen goods after the fact. They will also unequivocally signal to any would-be burglars that your home is well-protected.

Leave a light on indoors when you go out

It’s a simple one but it works wonders. Burglars will be far less likely to break into a house they think has people in it. It’s far riskier for them and usually not worth the effort. Leave a light on towards the front of the house when you go out, and consider leaving the radio or television on too for an extra line of defence.

Close and lock windows

A lock is an effective first line of defence as it will significantly increase the amount of time a burglar needs to quietly enter the house, or, more ideally, fully prevent them from entering. They are easy to find and install, and are effective the moment they are set up. Placing a wooden dowel in the window track while it’s closed is also an extra little trick to prevent burglars from brute-forcing the window or door lock. 

Keep valuables out of window sight

A valuable item such as a laptop or jewellery is a magnet to burglars. Opportunistic burglars will snap up a chance for a quick and easy score if they see unguarded valuables from the window. This is something that curtains can also help with, as they should obscure the inside of your home from view. Also, be sure to find a better hiding spot than under a pot plant or in the meter box for any spare keys you may keep outside your house.  

Keep your security systems well maintained

It’s all well and good to have locks, alarms, cameras or security lighting installation, but they need to be kept in working condition to be effective. A well-maintained property will also deter burglars further, as they can be assured that any anti-burglar measures are working.

Avoid giving public indicators of your comings and goings

The internet can be a burglar’s best friend. In these days of social media a burglar can easily see when and where you’re someplace if you share that information publicly on your profile. And you might also be surprised to find that burglars will use listings on real estate websites to identify houses that might have unguarded valuables, as well as familiarise themselves with the layout of the property. This advice also applies to things like leaving your wall calendar in window view. A burglar planning a break in would love to get their hands on that information.

Who to speak to for more information

Of course, your specific circumstances will always be unique to you, so if you want to know more about how to protect your home from burglary with outdoor security lighting, speak to Prime Time Electricians today by giving us a call on 1300 356 200. And always remember the dangers of DIY electrical jobs, it is always better to hire a professional to get it right the first time. If you need security lighting or any electrical security devices installed, Prime Time Electricians is here for you.

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