Commercial Electrician Perth


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Commercal Electrician Perth

Skilled and Reliable Commercial Electrical Services

At Prime Time Electricians, we provide a wide range of commercial electrical services which address the electrical needs of commercial businesses, logistics warehouses and office buildings.

We understand the importance of having the electrical system for your business in tip top shape. Our team of experienced Perth electricians have worked on various commercial jobs, from small office refurbishments to large scale commercial electrical fit outs all across Perth. We are passionate about forging good long-term relationships with many businesses around Perth, so they can rely on us to address any electrical issues that arise in the future.

We offer both electrical fit out services, as well as electrical repair and electrical maintenance services for any commercial business in the Perth and Metro surrounding areas.

Professional and Knowledgeable Commercial Electrical Contractors in Perth

Our experienced commercial electricians understand that every commercial space is unique and requires a customised approach to meet its specific electrical needs. We are mindful of this when working on any commercial electrical project and strive to ensure that the electrical system is both safe and efficient for your business. Our team of electricians in Perth are well-versed in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and take them into consideration when conducting any commercial electrical work to ensure compliance and safety of all parties involved. We pride ourselves in providing professional, customised and safe electrical solutions for your commercial space.

Commercial Electrical Services by Prime Time Electricians

Prime Time Electricians offer commercial electrical maintenance on the following:
Commercial Power Point Installation
Power points are crucial elements of any office space or commercial building which uses electrical equipment. Having the right layout of power points within the space and ensuring they are all connected to the right circuits is key to having a functional and safe working environment. Our commercial electricians can conduct new power point installation and replacement of faulty power points if required.
Commercial Led Lighting installation in perth
Commercial LED Lighting Installation

LEDs are becoming ever popular due to being the more sustainable lighting solution, as well as providing a higher quality source of light for large scale offices and commercial buildings. Our commercial electricians are skilled in installing various types of LED lighting to cater for the needs of the premises. Get in touch with our friendly team if you would like to enquire what type of lighting will be best for your commercial space.

Commercial Data Network Cabling

Pretty much every modern business relies on the Internet every single day. Businesses in Perth benefit from installing office data network cabling by gaining internet connectivity and associated advantages. Both small and large businesses can benefit from upgrading their data cabling infrastructure and it is always best completed by a professional commercial electrician.

Commercial Data Network Cabling
Commercial switch board Upgrades
Commercial Switchboard Upgrades

With the reliance on technology in most workplaces, you might find that your current switchboard isn’t able to handle the increased electrical load. A commercial switchboard upgrade allows for a greater load capacity for your devices and safeguards the system with updated circuit breakers and RCDS, providing greater protection against electrical faults and hazards.

Commercial Mains Upgrades

A commercial mains upgrade improves the building’s ability to handle an increased power load and resolve power deficiencies. This is done by upgrading the connection to the main power source and installing a new switchboard inside the building.

Mains Upgrade
Electrical Audits Perth
Commercial Electrical Audits

Electrical audits are crucial to maintaining a safe electrical system, and are especially important for larger commercial businesses. A commercial electrical audit will identify existing hazards, pinpoint potential hazards and will help to ensure that the requirements of current electrical standards are being complied with. We recommend that a professional commercial electrical audit is conducted yearly at your commercial premises.

Commercial Electrical Fitouts

Prime Time Electricians can handle the entire electrical installation of the components of a commercial business or office space. This includes data network cabling, cable organisation, power point installation, LED lighting installation and soft wiring solutions. Our experienced team manages the project start to finish, adhere to project schedules, and maintain great communication along the way.

commercial fit out electricians
Commercial Electrical Repairs
Our experienced team offers commercial electrical repair services in relation to any component of your business or office’s electrical systems. Our emergency service is 24/7 meaning we can attend to your electrical emergency any time of day or night, and your business or office will be back up and running in no time.
Commercial Electrical Maintenance
Prime Time Electricians offers expert electrical maintenance to guarantee optimal performance of your outlets, switchboard, panelboard, wiring, light switches, and lighting appliances. Our maintenance ensures that your electrical system is compliant with regulations for safety.

High Quality & Efficient Commercial Electrical Services

We completely understand that any disruption to your business and employees can have an impact on your business. When it comes to electrical installations and wide scale fit outs, our skilled electrical contractors in Perth work closely with you to adhere to project schedules, and maintain good communication with you throughout the process.

When it comes to commercial electrical faults, all electrical maintenance and repair jobs are completed in a prompt manner, but always to a high standard. We ensure that your business is back up and running with minimal downtime.

Give Prime Time Electricians A Call

Whether you are a new business needing an electrical fit out, or an existing commercial business in need of electrical maintenance and repairs, Prime Time Electricians are here to help for all of your commercial electrical needs.

Looking for the best commercial electrician in Perth? With our fully qualified and licensed team and dedication to outstanding customer service, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Wanting to book a job with us or need to make an inquiry regarding the scope of our commercial electrical services? Give our friendly team a call on 1300 356 200 today. Our team is committed to providing the best service and highest quality electrical work for your commercial business.


Commercial and domestic (residential) electrical work do require specific training and skill sets. All of our electricians are fully licensed and qualified to complete both commercial and domestic electrical work. You can be assured that your electrical installation, repair or maintenance job will be carried out to the highest standard.

Yes, reputable commercial electricians in Perth are licensed and insured. They hold valid electrical contractor licenses and certifications, which ensure their expertise and compliance with industry standards. Additionally, they carry liability insurance to protect you and your property in case of any accidents or damages during the project.

Yes, commercial electricians in Perth are equipped to handle large-scale projects. They have the expertise, experience, and resources to manage electrical installations, upgrades, and repairs in commercial buildings of various sizes, including office complexes, retail spaces, industrial facilities, and more.

The cost of hiring a commercial electrician in Perth can vary depending on several factors, including the scope of the project, complexity of the electrical work, size of the commercial building, and the specific services required. It’s best to request quotes from multiple electricians and compare their pricing to get a better understanding of the costs involved.

Industrial electricians are equipped to deal with electrical issues within the industrial industry, such as in manufacturing or logistics. Commercial electricians mainly work with retail stores, restaurants and office buildings. Both types of electricians require specific industry knowledge and training. Our fully qualified and experienced team of electricians can handle both industrial and commercial electrical jobs, depending on your requirements.

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