Electrical Audits Perth


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Electrical Audits Perth

Electrical Audits for Commercial and Residentail Properties

An electrical audit is where an electrician goes to a property and inspects the electrical system for faults or other issues and to ensure that everything complies with current electrical standards.

These audits can be done for both commercial and residential properties, and are important for both. They are also an involved process that can be dangerous to be attempted on your own, so always call a licensed electrician if you would like one done.

Benefits of an electrical audit

  1. Identify potential or existing hazards as soon as possible
  2. Identify potential additional costs involved in repairs or replacing
  3. Staying up to date with current electrical standards
  4. Potentially save money on electrical bills
  5. Peace of mind

When should you consider having an audit

It is best to have an electrical audit done on your property yearly, especially with older buildings or homes. There are also special circumstances where it is advisable to have an audit done.

  1. When buying or selling a property. It’s important to ensure all the electrics are in good condition prior to purchasing or selling. This applies to both residential and commercial properties.
  2. If your circuit breakers are tripping often it may be a sign you have an electrical leak, or other potentially dangerous fault. An electrical audit will determine if this is the case, and a follow-up repair can be scheduled immediately after.
  3. If you experience any other strange electrical occurrences.
  4. After a particularly violent storm. Water can always get into the house and damage the electrical system, but this is far more likely to happen during stormy weather.
  5. If you are running an event that needs a lot of electricity, especially if it is an outdoors event. You should always have the setup double-checked. This goes double for events held on dry flammable grass during the summer months.

The process of an audit

On the day of the audit, the process of an electrical audit will begin with the arrival of the electricians at the property. You won’t need to empty the building of its occupants or devices, so an audit can be done at any time during the working week.

During the audit, we’ll inspect the condition of the visible parts of the electrical system, such as the wall sockets, smoke alarms and circuit breakers and meter box. We’ll also go into the roof space and other areas that are not usually seen. These areas can be home to issues and can’t be noticed without deliberately going there.

We also offer auditing services for solar panels, air-conditioning systems and all electrical items.

At the very end, an electrical audit report will be generated, so that you can refer back to the findings without having to call the electricians.

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