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electrical inspection services in Perth

Residential & Commercial Electrical Safety Inspections

An electrical inspection is often an overlooked function in terms of annual maintenance, whether this is in a home or commercial setting. The fact is that people die every year due to electrical fires or direct electrocution, and these numbers are not trivial. Aside from the extreme of death or injury, a poor quality electrical system will waste money on each appliance.

A high-quality electrical inspection with Prime Time Electricians will ensure that your entire electrical supply is completely safe and operating at full capacity. It’s good practice to get an electrical inspection in Perth every 2 – 3 years to ensure that everything is operating the way that it should. We use thermal equipment to quickly investigate your wiring and outlets without major disruptions to your daily activities.

An electrical inspection is a surefire way to completely diagnose all electrical failures and pinpoint what areas need attention. And it takes less than a day to conduct.

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What is an electrical inspection?

An electrical inspection is a complete survey of your home so that all wiring, appliances, and outlets meet the legislative requirements for health and safety. It also goes one step further in the sense of highlighting areas of improvement required for top operational efficiency. With PrimeTime Electricians, it is more than simply ticking boxes – we can diagnose where most of your energy is going and can propose relevant electrical upgrades where necessary.

What is thermal imaging and why is it deployed by Prime Time Electricians?

Thermal imaging is an easy way to detect problems without drilling any holes or digging through the walls. It allows us to visually detect temperature changes in electrical equipment. And it allows us to do this safely, from a distance. It also eliminates human error, which even the most careful electrician can fall prey to. Thermal imaging will detect faults that are invisible to the naked eye or that have yet to fully manifest. When electrical equipment starts to fail, it results in increased heat, and the thermal imaging scan picks up on this.

What areas are checked during the electrical inspection in Perth?

High-quality electrical inspections will ensure that the residence has the right number of circuits proportional to demand, but also that there are dedicated circuits for appliances that require them. This is especially relevant for kitchens that have a number of power-hungry appliances. In addition, the wires and electric box are tested. Some of the areas that are tested during a Prime Time Electricians electrical inspection in Perth include:

When is an electrical inspection necessary?

It is simply good practice to get an electrical inspection once every 2 – 3 years. But it is definitely necessary when you are moving into a new house. If you have to rewire a new house on entry, it is definitely going to put a black mark on that purchase. If you have an old home (older than 30 years) you will probably need an inspection if you have not got one already. If there have been any ‘cowboy’ patches to your electrical system, then you will probably need to get a licenced electrician to check it out.

What are the benefits of a Prime Time Electricians electrical inspection in Perth?

The primary benefits of a Prime Time Electricians electrical inspection are:

We can also advise on any necessary Electrical repairs and Electrical maintenance required.

Why should I choose Prime Time Electricians for my electrical inspection in Perth?

Prime Time Electricians has 15 years of industry experience, a 5 Star Google rating, a valid license to operate and run a 24/7 emergency service. We are also family-run and operated, so we strive to preserve and enhance our reputation throughout the Perth area. 

Most of all, we are professional and easy to deal with. Our business is built around healthy customer relationships for the long term. After we have completed the inspection, you will get an official certificate of electrical compliance. 

Call us now on  1300 356 200 for a fast, comprehensive, and professional electrical inspection in Perth. 

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