Maintenance Electrician Perth


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Maintenance Electrician Perth

Perth trusted electrical maintainance services

Maintaining your electrical wiring and appliances frequently is an area that many overlook. But if you don’t ensure regular maintenance, the end result is simply going to be increased cost and decreased safety. Like all other aspects of a home or commercial property, the more thought and time you spend in installing and upgrading the system, the better the results will be. The electrical network is no exception.

Prime Time Electricians can provide you with top quality electrical maintenance to ensure that everything is in working order so you get the best results possible. This includes your outlets, switchboard, panelboard, wiring, light switches, and lighting appliances. We can ensure that your electrical system meets the regulatory specifications so that you are fully compliant and 100% safe.

As licenced and insured professionals with 15 years of industry experience, we can perform expert maintenance on your home system so you are ensured of quality electrical power for the coming years. We are 24/7 electricians working around the clock to ensure Perth citizens have power. We also offer a complete electrical home inspection to examine all aspects of the power network in your home.

Call us now on  1300 356 200 as dependable maintenance Electricians in Perth.

Our electrical maintainance services:

What legislation governs electrical maintenance in Perth?

Prime Time Electricians are compliant with all of the relevant standards governing electrical maintenance and repair. The primary piece of legislation is the Western Australian Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991. An updated version was released in 2014 known as the WA Electrical Requirements (WAER). WAER covers everything from installation to maintenance and is quite comprehensive. It also stipulates that in order to do electrical work, a contractor must have a licence issued by the Electrical Licencing Board of Western Australia.

Can I complete my own electrical maintenance in Perth?

Absolutely not. In fact, even simple tasks like installing a new light fitting or replacing a power point are against the law. You are allowed to install low voltage garden lighting and change lightbulbs, but this is about as far as you are legally allowed to go in Perth. Anything serious requires a licenced electrician. And, to be fair, nobody really wants to do specialised work in terms of electrical maintenance by themselves, as the costs and the dangers are too high.  Call Prime Time Electricians if you need any maintenance work done. 

What electrical maintenance services does Prime Time Electricians offer?

Electrical maintenance takes on a variety of forms. Some of the services we offer include:

What is RCD Testing?

RCDs are more commonly known as safety switches. They are required by law and will break the circuit in the event of power overload. We make sure that we test safety switches when conducting general electrical maintenance. We can also perform routine diagnostic checks at specific intervals to ensure that all aspects of the electrical system are functioning correctly. 

What are the benefits of regular electrical maintenance by Prime Time Electricians?

Well, one of the biggest benefits is that your home won’t catch on fire. This is always an advantage. You can also prevent injury through electrocution and will be assured of constant power that does not dip or surge. Moreover, your bill should be lower and you can safely use more appliances without the circuit breaker constantly tripping. It simply pays to conduct electrical maintenance once in a while, not just when you see an imminent emergency situation. 

Before this emergency situation happens, call qualified maintenance electricians in Perth now on  1300 356 200.

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