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Electrical upgrade services perth

Electrical Upgrades In Perth, WA

Getting an electrical upgrade is one of the most direct ways to upgrade the overall energy system of your home or business. It tackles the root of the problem, the electrical panel, which is responsible for distributing energy throughout the home.

However, it’s a big job, and it can be quite expensive. While the panel will pay for itself many times over down the line, you really need to call in licensed professionals with a long-term ethos to get the most value from the electrical system. An electrical upgrade is not a DIY project, at all. A lot of thought will go into the execution of an electrical upgrade, after careful discussion with the client.

The panel upgrade is one of many kinds of electrical upgrades that we offer, and there are many innovations that can take place with an experienced electrician and a clear plan of action. We like to work with clients and collaborate on the best way to satisfy both parties.

If you are looking for the most trusted and reliable Electricians Perth has to offer, give us a call on  1300 356 200.

What is an electrical upgrade?

An electrical upgrade is simply any kind of upgrade on a home electrical system. However, there are different kinds of upgrades. A complete house rewire is a lot more disruptive than upgrading a switchboard. And upgrading a switchboard is a lot different from upgrading to some better lighting appliances. You might also upgrade from single phase to three-phase power if you occupy a high energy household or commercial environment. 

What electrical upgrades can Prime Time Electricians provide?

Prime Time Electricians provides a vast array of electrical upgrades to clients in Perth. Such services include:

We also offer complete home electrical inspections to identify what needs to be upgraded.

What is the most common electrical upgrade?

The most common electrical upgrade is an upgrade on your electrical panel, followed by adding extra circuits to distribute the power. The final step would then be the addition of new wires and outlets where necessary. The core electrical panel is what distributes the power and has a circuit breaker to ‘trip’ the switch in the event of power overload. Frequently, when people say an electrical ‘upgrade’, they are referring to an upgrade of the electrical panel, which is like the ‘brain’ of the home electrical system. For this specialised yet integral electrical upgrade, call Prime Time Electricians in Perth. We are easy to work with and expert in all makes and models of electrical panels. 

When do I need an electrical upgrade?

If your house is older than 30 years, then you most likely need an electrical upgrade unless this has already been done recently. An old electrical panel is dangerous. And even aside from the obvious dangers, an old electrical system won’t be able to handle modern-day appliance needs. It can even shorten the lifespan of existing appliances. Finally, your electricity bill will be increased with an old panel and wiring.

What are the signs that I need electrical upgrades in Perth?

There are many telltale signs that your panel could do with an upgrade. These include frequently tripping circuit breakers, multiple blown fuses, flickering lights, or a burning smell. If you notice any of these, call in Prime Time Electricians for a free onsite quote on  1300 356 200. Certain problems will require an emergency call out, and we are available 24/7 for these cases. A burning odour or sparks from an outlet are areas that may need immediate attention. 

What are the benefits of electrical upgrades in Perth from Prime Time Electricians?

The benefits of electrical upgrades in Perth from our dedicated team include:

To make use of all the above benefits, call us now on  1300 356 200 for elite electrical upgrades in Perth. And enjoy the buzz of modern power, at a great price.

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