Power Points Installation


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Power Point Installation

Power Points Installation and Repairs in Perth

Power points are everywhere inside your home. They serve the vital role of providing safe access to your home’s electrical system. But despite their simple design, power points are not immune to damage or malfunction. But regardless of the issue, Prime Time Electricians are well-equipped to deal with it.

While some power point issues, such as cracked faceplates, are straightforward, there are a couple that need greater explanation. The main one is an overloaded circuit. An overloaded circuit is when a circuit (for example, a power board in the TV room) has more current running through it than it’s designed to handle.

This causes the circuit to heat up, possibly to the point of causing a fire. While there are circuit breakers designed to sense this and cut the power before a fire can happen, they should not be relied on as the sole protection against an electrical fire.

Overloaded circuits can arise because of a number of causes. One of the most common is having too many appliances plugged into a power board. Having a high energy use appliance plugged into a power board can also cause an overloaded circuit. You may also recognise the terms ‘piggy-backing’ and ‘daisy chaining power boards’. These can also cause an overloaded circuit and should be avoided at all costs. Piggy-backing is when one double adaptor is plugged into another one, and daisy-chaining is when one power board is plugged into another power board.

Dangers of DIY

As with most electrical repairs, it is dangerous to both you and your home for you to try and fix your own electrical problems yourself. Electrocution and fire are the most common risks and can be very catastrophic. Always hire a trained professional for all electrical work around your home. This goes doubly so if you aren’t completely certain what the issue is. The best person to diagnose an electrical problem is a qualified electrician.

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FAQ's On Power Point Installation

This cost can vary depending on the scope of the job. Contact us on  1300 356 200 to organise a free on-site consultation and quote.

Power points can be installed in most areas of the home. For external walls, wiring will need to run through a cavity wall. For internal walls, a mini duct will be required to navigate the brick.

We can, but the best option is to replace the damaged power point with a new one.

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