RCD Installation & Testing


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RCD installation Perth and testing

RCD Safety Switch Installation in Perth, WA

Electrical safety of your house is one of the most important parts of home ownership. Basic safety measures such as child-proofing outlets and keeping wires dry are very helpful, but you can always do more.

One of the best devices for protecting yourself and others is the residual current device, or RCD for short. But despite its usefulness, there are some homes which still do not have one installed.

All Western Australian houses sold or rented out are required by law to have at least two residual current devices installed, but some older houses that have been lived in for a while may not have had them installed. Furthermore, having more than the required minimum will only increase the protection of the inhabitants of the house.

The importance of installing a residual current device

RCDs are one of the most valuable devices for electrical safety, and they also offer some benefits not immediately associated with the power system. An RCD installation in Perth is simple, so that shouldn’t be a deterrence against having as many installed as necessary.

FAQs On RCD Installation and testing

No. Circuit breakers are actually designed to protect the electronics in the home from an overload or short circuit, whereas an RCD’s sole purpose is to protect humans and animals.

All RCDs have a test button that will simulate a fault. If the RCD is working it should shut off the power immediately when the button is pressed.

This cost can vary depending on the scope of the job and the nature of the premises. Contact us on 1300 356 200 to organise a free on-site consultation and quote. 

Any circuits that have a switch or plug attached to it, require a RCD, this goes for new circuits being installed too. Generally when a home is newly sold or rented, RCDs need to be checked and new ones installed if required.

No. Installing an RCD requires professional knowledge of electrical circuits and an in-depth understanding of switchboards. Getting a professional electrician to install and test your RCD will give you the peace of mind that it is done correctly, and will properly safeguard your electrical system for the future. 

Why choose Prime Time Electricians?

When it comes to matters of electrical safety, you want a residential electrician that’s going to get it right the first time. In addition to this, there are a host of reasons to choose Prime Time Electricians.

So if you need to speak to an electrician in Perth about an RCD installation, give Prime Time Electricians a call on 1300 356 200 today. 

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