Security Lighting Installation


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Security Lighting Installation

Security Lighting Installation Services

Security lighting can provide huge safety benefits when it comes to protecting your home. Not only does it give better visibility of the property at night time, it also acts as a deterrent for intruders. Prime Time Electricians are able to install a security lighting system which will help safeguard your property and give you peace of mind.

Why install security lighting?

Serves as a deterrent for criminal activity

Security lights provide visibility to the outdoor portion of your home, deterring intruders. They also illuminate the space, making intruder’s easier identifiable on your home security camera system.

Provides better visibility at night time

When you arrive home at night time, security lights can provide you with that extra visibility.

Provides an extra layer of protection for your home

Security lighting serves as an additional safety measure for your home, alongside your alarm, security cameras, security screen, and lock systems.

Types of security lighting

There are various types of security lighting available, and it is important to make the right choice in choosing the type which will make security lighting for your home as effective as possible.

Motion-activated lights

Motion lights are highly effective, as they are designed to catch intruders off guard, in turn making them think twice about approaching your home. They also are far more energy efficient than lights which remain on all night. Modern motion sensor lights are designed not to pick up the movement of small animals, and are programmed to only activate at night time.

Timed exterior lighting

Timed exterior lighting serves as an alternative to motion activated security lights. You can set this type of security light to be turned on for time periods of your choosing, meaning they can be activated after you and your family are asleep.

LED flood lights

Flood lights provide very bright high coverage light which is ideal for large outdoor spaces. LED lights are far safer and more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs. They don’t emit heat or produce any harmful emissions. Flood lights are ideal for home perimeters, playgrounds, stadiums or warehouses. They can provide great visibility around shadowy areas, and the outer edges of your home with lower visibility, which greatly contributes to the added safety of that area.

Contact Prime Time Electricians for all your security lighting needs

Thinking about installing security lighting in your home? Prime Time Electricians have installed many high quality security lighting systems in the Perth metro and surrounding areas, and can provide you with expert advice on which type of security lighting will best suit your needs.

So if you need an Security lighting solution Contact our friendly electricians at Prime Time on 1300 356 200 for a quote on any lighting works at your home.

FAQs on Security Lighting Installation

Yes, it is always the best option to get a professional electrician to install sensor lights to ensure they are placed and wired correctly.

There are various options for security lighting, including built in spotlight sensors or stand alone sensors which can be linked to existing lights.

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