Smoke Alarms Installation


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Smoke Alarms Installation

Smoke Alarms Installation and Service in Perth

Every home should have functional smoke alarms. Having a qualified electrician installing and testing a hard-wired smoke alarm is key to your peace of mind that you are protected in the case of a fire.

Common smoke alarm faults

Malfunctioning alarm

A malfunctioning alarm will constantly make small beeps in between flashes of red LED light. This is a telltale sign that your smoke alarm is faulty, and you should get it professionally replaced.

Power malfunction

If the smoke alarm is beeping every 30 to 60 seconds, this may indicate a flat battery. Depending on the power source of your alarm, different methods of action apply.

9v battery

These types of smoke alarms use a 9 volt battery as their power source. These are very common smoke alarms, and you have to replace the batteries yourself. The issue with this type of smoke alarm is that the battery charge does not last as long as alarms using sealed lithium batteries or which are hard-wired. Especially if you have been away from home for a period of time, the alarm’s batteries may go flat undetected.

10 year sealed lithium battery

Alarms manufactured with this battery are designed to last 10 years. This type of battery is not replaceable, and once the 10 year period is up, you will have to replace the entire smoke alarm.

240v hard wiring

These smoke alarms are hard wired to the property’s main power supply. You will know the alarm is properly connected to power when the blue or green LED light is on. In addition to the hard wired power supply, this alarm comes with a sealed lithium battery for backup power supply, in the case of disruption to the main power supply. These types of alarms need replacing and installation by a licensed electrician. This type of alarm is the safest and most reliable. Prime Time Electricians are well versed in installing 240v hard wired smoke alarms at homes in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Smoke alarm testing in Perth

Smoke alarm testing helps to ensure that your smoke alarm is fully functioning and working in the way it should be. A smoke alarm test includes testing the sensitivity of the alarm so it isn’t falsely activating when it shouldn’t be.

Professional smoke alarm installation in Perth

To ensure that your hard-wired smoke alarm is installed properly, safely and in optimal position at your property, it is imperative that you reach out to a qualified electrician. Prime Time Electricians will install smoke alarms in adherence to Australian standards and guidelines, and ensure that it is meeting the requirements of the current smoke alarm legislation.  

Why Prime Time Electricians?

 For all of your hardwired smoke alarm testing and installation needs, contact Prime Time Electricians on    1300 356 200 today.

FAQs on Smoke Alarm Installation

Current legislation states there should be at least two smoke alarms installed on every property. On multi-story properties there needs to be a smoke alarm on each level, and positioned in accordance to the Building Regulations 2012.

Since July 1st 1997, it became a legal requirement to have mains powered smoke alarms installed in all new residential buildings. Since October 1st 2009, it is now a requirement to get mains powered smoke alarms fitted to all existing residential buildings if they didn’t have them already, prior to a sale or new tenant agreement of the property. These regulations are also outlined in the Building Regulations 2012.

As smoke alarms need to be hardwired, it is best to get a qualified residential electrician to install your smoke alarm to ensure it is working effectively.

Yes, the optimal position for a smoke alarm is to be ceiling mounted. 

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