10 Jan, 2023
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What is 3 Phase Power & How Can I Get It At Home?

It’s not really a very well known fact that not all building power systems are created equal. Different setups can have different capabilities, to the point of some actually being able to supply higher voltage. This, known as three phase power, can come in very handy in a number of situations. But exactly what is three phase power and how does it work?

What is three phase power?

Three phase power refers to a power system that supplies more power across more voltage ranges to a building. To break it down, a regular single-phase power system supplies 240 volts of power to a house/building through one wire (with a second, neutral wire also being present). Three phase power, meanwhile, 415 volts of power to the house through a total of four wires (one neutral wire and three active ones). 

This means that more power reaches the house, which along with a host of other benefits, gives much greater versatility and capability to a building/home’s power system. 

The benefits of three phase power

1) Having three-phase power allows you to connect larger and higher draw appliances. They’ll also run better due to having sufficient power load to supply them. 

2) Three-phase power allows for more appliances/devices to be connected at the same time, while also allowing the higher draw appliances to be connected separate from the lower draw ones. 

3) Three-phase power also allows for a more consistent supply of power to your appliances. Due to the nature of the phases of power, for a fraction of a second at regular intervals, some devices can experience moments where there is 0 voltage available. With three phase power, even at a moment where one circuit is at 0, the other two are still providing electricity [might need a diagram to help with this bit]. 

4) Three-phase power does not increase your energy bill at all compared to single-phase power.

5)Circuits have a far less chance of tripping due to a lack of voltage when running with three-phase power.  

Can I get three phase power at home?

Absolutely, Three phase power can be connected to any residential property by a residential electrician simply by upgrading the power supply infrastructure. 

And it’s not just homes that can benefit from a three-phase power supply. In fact, some businesses will find that they benefit more from a mains power upgrade than a home given the extra devices and technology usually found in an office.  

Of course, you may also find yourself asking ‘do I need three phase power?’. Well the answer will depend on a few things.

phase power at home

Do I need three phase power?

While three phase power will not always be essential, there are several circumstances where it will likely be necessary or, at the very least, make your life much easier. 

— Almost all businesses with stores or warehouses (particularly refrigerated ones) will require three phase power to power the higher draw appliances and lighting consistently. 

— Larger homes will have more appliances and lighting to run and will therefore likely require a three-phase power supply. Homes with high draw appliances will also find they will benefit from three-phase power. 

— If you are planning large renovations you may find that a three phase power upgrade prior will allow you to run more and higher draw electrical equipment during the renovation process. 

— Industrial corporations with high draw heavy machinery will find three-phase power almost always a must. If you’re unsure about whether your equipment requires a higher voltage, speak to a commercial electrician. 

— If you’re moving into a new home you may find the existing power supply not up to scratch. It’s best to check before buying a house, and considering an upgrade if the power supply isn’t good enough. 

Regardless of whether you currently need three phase power or not, you’ll find that the added options given by three phase power will give you peace of mind for any purchases of high-draw items you may make. 

And it’s always best to be prepared for the future. While you may not need three phase power right now, it’s important to keep on top of things. You don’t want to find out you need it when something fails. Not to mention the added value to the house/building from the additional power connections and capabilities. 

Mains uprade

Who to speak to about a mains power upgrade?

A mains power upgrade to three phase is a serious undertaking that should not be performed by anyone other than a trusted licensed electrician. The process is lengthy and involved, and finding and fixing a fault can be very difficult after the installation has been completed. 

Both commercial mains power upgrades and residential mains power upgrades are well within the specialties of Prime Time. Their experienced team is fully qualified and take great care to ensure that the most attention is paid to the details. Commercial mains upgrades are also an important aspect of changing buildings, so be sure to keep that mindful when considering moving.  

So if you want to start benefiting from three phase power, call Prime Time Electricians on 1300 356 200 today.

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