Appliance Installation


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Appliance installation service

The dangers of DIY are always present when it comes to electronics, and that includes the installation of appliances. Certain appliances require hardwiring into the wall, immediately putting an installation beyond the scope of a homeowner. You will find the large majority of these types of appliances to be found in the kitchen, though certain dryers and washing machines can also need hardwiring. Because of this, most electricians will offer appliance installation services, as well as circuit isolation, as this may be needed during the installation process.      

When does an appliance require its own circuit?

Some larger appliances may have a higher power draw than other devices and therefore require their own isolated circuit.  This is so that the original circuit doesn’t get overloaded from the new, larger power draw. This process can be carried out during the appliance installation process, though if you know you will need it you can always be preemptive and speak to an electrician beforehand.

Appliances requiring an electrician

The below is a list of appliances that will require an electrician to install. Please do note that while every attempt has been made to ensure that this is an exhaustive list, we cannot guarantee that this is every appliance that requires an electrician. Contact us if you are ensure whether or not your appliance requires a professional install.

Ovens are quite heavy and the working space is tight, necessitating the need for a couple of electricians to undertake the appliance installation.

Heavy, complicated and, due to the gas line present, dangerous if done wrong. It is paramount that your cooktop is installed by a qualified electrician.

Another one found in the kitchen, the installation process for a range hood also involves going into the roof space. Therefore, it is vital that a qualified electrician is present as they will know where to step when navigating the roof space.

Another situation with tight space, hardwiring and a heavy appliance. However, it is doubly important to have a top-quality installation job on your dishwasher because of the large amounts of water that are around it and in it during operation.

Depending on the design, you may need an electrician to install these, though this will be on a case to case basis. Check with the manufacturer or distributor prior to purchase.

Why choose Prime Time Electricians?

installation service can be very dangerous, so it’s best to get a qualified residential electrician to do the installation. With a Prime Time installation you also get the following guarantees:

So if you need an electrician’s appliance installation services in Perth, give us a call today on 1300 356 200.

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