Residential Mains Power Upgrade


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Residential Mains Power Upgrade

Electrical safety is one of the most important aspects of home ownership, and aging appliances and wiring pose a great risk to this. Safety issues, particularly those around electrical fires, can also arise when more current is flowing through wiring than it is rated for.

Because of this, it may be necessary for you to upgrade the mains power supply on your property at times. You will find older homes will be the most likely to require a power upgrade. This process is not hugely complicated, but will absolutely require a qualified residential electrician to do it safely.

When should you upgrade your mains power?

A mains power upgrade should be done whenever there is a significant increased electrical load in the household. This may come about due to a number of reasons.

And for safety’s sake, you should also consider having your residual current devices, safety switches and circuit breakers checked and/or upgraded whenever you upgrade your power supply.

What's involved in a mains power upgrade?

A mains power upgrade consists of replacing the cables running between the switchboard/meter box and the point of supply (usually a power pole or a green box located on the street). It’s quite similar to a mains power installation. 

The process usually begins with upgrading the underground and overhead power from single phase to three phase. Single phase power is the standard two-wire setup with a power wire and a neutral wire. Three phase power, meanwhile, is a three wire setup with each wire 120 degrees apart. The main advantages of three phase include a more consistent power supply that can handle higher loads, and at greater efficiency.

Following the phase upgrade, the cables connecting your switchboard to the mains power will be upgraded as well, to handle a greater electrical load. Depending on the age of your house, your old switchboard may need upgrading as well. Lastly, if a new earth electrode is required, we’ll also install that for you during the process.

Why choose Prime Time Electricians for your mains power upgrade in Perth?

Prime Time are licensed electricians well-equipped for any power upgrades your home might need. You can be assured of a high level of service quality, and the additional following benefits:

So if you need your power supply upgraded by a trusted electrician Perth, give the Prime Time team a call on 1300 356 200 today.

FAQs on Residential Main Power Upgrade

By upgrading your your mains system to three-phase power.

Your power will be disrupted for a few hours while the change over is installed, but we work with you to determine a time which is most convenient for you and your household.

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