LED Lighting Installation


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residential Led Lighting installation

Led Lights Installation in Perth

There are so many lighting choices to consider these days when considering how to illuminate your space. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, are one of the newest advances in lighting technology. LED lighting works by running current through a semiconductive material, which illuminates. This differs from other types of lighting on the market, and has a number of benefits compared to them.


Why choose LED Lighting

There are a number of benefits to having LED lights installed instead of incandescent or fluorescent lights .

There are also different types of LED lights, as you would imagine, and it’s important that you pick the right one for your space or building.

LED sensor lights

These types of lights remain off until motion in their area triggers them and they turn on. These types of lights are usually used in outdoor spaces such as gardens or on a building’s exterior. Because they don’t spend huge amounts of time on and are mostly situated outside, sensor lights are often solar-powered.

LED flood lights

Flood lights are high wattage lights that are used to light large areas, usually outdoors. They are often placed high up, to maximise their coverage. These lights are useful for security purposes as well.

LED down lights

For an indoor lighting solution, down lights are lights that usually sit flush with the ceiling, and, as the name suggests, direct light downwards. These lights are good for smaller areas, and their flat bottoms give a neat and refined look to any ceiling.

LED feature lights

Feature lights have a greater focus on aesthetics. Examples include:

Why choose Prime Time Electricians

As with all electrical work, it is always recommended to have a licensed electrician do it. This goes double for installation specifically because it needs to be done right. Prime Time Electricians are experienced in installing the following forms of LED lighting:

As licensed and experienced electricians, the benefits of Prime Time extend beyond simply the types of lighting we can install. Prime Time Electricians also:

So if you need an LED lighting solution Contact our friendly electricians at Prime Time on 1300 356 200 for a quote on any lighting works at your home.

FAQ's on LED Lighting Installation

This cost can vary depending on the scope of the job (i.e. the number of lights you need installed). Contact us on 1300 356 200 to organise a free on-site consultation and quote. 

Yes, to ensure they are connected to the right circuits and are working correctly.

Although LEDs can be slightly more expensive to purchase up front in comparison to halogen or incandescent bulbs, they are far more energy efficient. This will save you money later down the track on your energy bill. All LED light installed by us come with a five year warranty. Additionally, the price of LED’s has been coming down over the recent years, as they have become more popular. 

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LED lights can last to up to just over five years before they need to be replaced.

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