Commercial Switchboard Upgrades


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Commercial switch board Upgrades

With the increased presence of technology in the workplace, you may find that your electrical system is drawing more load than your switchboard is currently able to handle. This can be dangerous as it increases the chance of certain electrical hazards.

You can avoid this by upgrading your switchboard. Commercial switchboards are devices, usually resembling one or more metal cupboards, that house the distribution component of the electrical system, as well as the associated electrical safety devices. An electrical switchboard installation is a complicated process, so always get a qualified commercial electrician to do it.

Why should you consider switchboard upgrades?

When should you upgrade your switchboard?

As with the nature of upgrades, there may be times when it is necessary and times when it is still more of a luxury you have the choice of doing. Nevertheless, your workplace will only benefit from an upgrade, especially in the long run, so you should always keep an eye on your switchboard for any of these scenarios. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The changes are too comprehensive to list, but can be found here. They mainly pertained to definitions, safety devices and some specific appliances/occurrences. 

This will depend on the electrical requirements of the commercial space. However, a typical switchboard upgrade includes; installing circuit breakers, surge protection, an emergency switch, phase failure monitoring and an RCD.

Why choose Prime Time electricians?

A switchboard is a complicated piece of machinery, and a fault from an improper installation can be disastrous and hard to diagnose. When upgrading your switchboard you’re going to want a commercial electrician that will do a proper job the first time.

This is where we excel at Prime Time Electricians, with our friendly and dedicated team of qualified electricians Perth. We have up to date knowledge on all the latest regulations, so we are well-equipped for any and all commercial switchboard upgrades in Perth.

So should you need an electrician for a switchboard upgrade in Perth, give Prime Time Electricians a call on 1300 356 200 today.

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