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It’s not as easy as you might think to choose a high-quality electrical contractor.  Some of them might have excellent ratings, but have lost their edge and are too busy to deliver quality to all of their customers. Others will actually have fake reviews or will make claims about the quality of service which are flat out false. The harsh reality is that many online claims are simply non-verifiable or misleading. 

This is why it is even more important to choose Prime Time Electricians, whose quality can be easily verified. We are an Australian owned and operated company and have established a hard-earned reputation in the Perth & Metro area. A lot of our business comes from past work and word of mouth referrals as opposed to marketing. 

We are a member of the Clean Energy Council and the Master Electricians Association. Our Electrical Contractor Licence is 9142. The owner,  Kent Grinceri, has spent over 10 years establishing long-term client relationships in Perth and operates a 24/7 emergency service for customers. Trust, transparency,  and dependability are core tenets of Prime Time Electricians. There are many reasons to choose us, and one of the main ones is that we value long-term relationships instead of one-off fixes. 

For more reasons to choose Prime Time Electricians in Perth, give us a call on 1300 356 200 now for a free on-site quotation.

How can I find a trusted electrician?

There are some general rules to follow when vetting an electrician. Check the electrical license number and whether or not they are CM3 accredited. This basically ensures you are dealing with a legitimate electrician. But you don’t just want a trusted electrician. You want a skilled and professional electrician. Look at how long they have been in business and what customers are saying. And the final (and most relevant) test is to call them and monitor their response and etiquette. You can call around and compare quotes to ensure that the one you are dealing with is honest, but don’t judge the entire service on price alone, especially for larger projects. You do pay for what you get, at the end of the day.  


What is a Beacon Lighting accreditation?

Beacon Lighting is one of the foremost lighting retailers in Australia. They offer specialised lighting for customers. Because the lights tend to be niche they need to train electricians in the correct installation methods. They also have an extensive product range of lights for all kinds of household and commercial spaces. 


What is ARC?

ARC stands for the Australian Refrigeration Council (not the Australian Resuscitation Council – we like to avoid dangers as much as possible). To do work with refrigerators requires an ARC licence. This licence also extends to air conditioners, which we work with extensively. There are many subcategories of the license when it comes to refrigerators, so it is important to ensure that your contractor has the right one. 


What is the Clean Energy Council?

The Clean Energy Council (‘CEC’) is an industry association of companies that aim to set the standards in terms of renewable energy. They are mainly involved in the promotion of solar panels as a means of going Green and provide accreditations for installers. 


What are the main reasons to choose Prime Time Electricians?

We have the accreditations, the licenses, the reputation, and the technology to deliver a better standard of care than the competition. But it’s not the training or the technology that enable us to deliver a superior standard of care. It is people and social interaction that determine the quality of any business. Open and honest communication is vital for healthy and long-term relationships. 

So choose the best electrical contractors in Perth – Prime Time Electricians. 

Call us now on 1300 356 200 for a free quote. 

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