Commercial Mains Upgrades


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Commercial Mains Upgrades

Technology is becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace these days, which brings with it the challenge of providing enough power to sustain it. Businesses may find their current power system does not provide enough power to properly run everything, and will likely experience problems because of this.

Commercial mains upgrades can equip the mains power system with the ability to handle an increased load and rectify any issues arising from a deficiency in power. The process involves upgrading the connection to the mains and installing a new, upgraded switchboard inside the building.

When should you consider upgrading your mains power?

There are a number of times when considering a mains power upgrade is advised.

You should also check your mains power system for damage after a particularly violent storm. Damaged power systems risk electrical fire and electrocution, and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Which business types should consider a mains upgrade?

There will be some businesses, due to the nature of their premises or work, that will need to consider a commercial mains upgrade in Perth more than others. Usually, these are businesses that use a lot of appliances or lighting, some of the most common being as follows.

Why choose Prime Time Electricians?

A commercial mains upgrade is a large undertaking, so it is vital that the process is done properly the first time. Troubleshooting faults can be difficult and time consuming.

This is why it pays to hire a qualified commercial electrician from Prime Time. Our friendly team of diligent and hard-working electricians are dedicated to ensuring all our work is done to the highest degree of quality.

So if you’re considering a mains power upgrade, give us a call today on 1300 356 200 for a quote on a safe upgrade and peace of mind.

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