Commercial LED Lighting Installation


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Commercial Led Lighting installation in perth

The costs of running a business are often many and varied. It is always a benefit when fixed costs associated with having a commercial premises such as a warehouse or a storefront can be reduced. This, along with the push for businesses to become more sustainable, has led companies to evaluating their lighting options.

LED lighting has been gaining more and more popularity recently due to its unequivocal environmental and technological superiority to traditional forms of lighting such as incandescent and fluorescent lights. LED lights draw far less power than incandescent bulbs (and have a much longer lifespan) and therefore are much cheaper to run. They are also far greener than any of the other types of lighting on the market.

Benefits of commercial LED lighting

The benefits and uses of commercial LED lighting in Perth extend beyond simple economics and efficiency. You will find they offer greater options and flexibility for lighting an area. Warehouses, in particular, can benefit greatly from LED lights, and retail and office spaces will also see several advantages to adopting LED lighting.

  1. Commercial LED lighting is far more luminescent than incandescent and fluorescent lighting. Not only does this provide better lighting in spaces, but it also reduces the amount of lights required to light and area.
  2. LEDs are also dimmable, allowing for their lighting output to be adjusted on the fly. This can be particularly useful in the office when using computer screens or a projector for presentations.
  3. LED lights are directional, which allows for the highlighting of certain spaces/products in a retail space, in particular. Different colour options also help set the mood of a space well.
  4. As LEDs don’t produce anywhere near the same level of heat as traditional incandescent bulbs, they reduce cooling costs in summer. They also are a better option for warehouses and other spaces that store temperature-sensitive items.
  5. And, as previously mentioned, the large reduction in costs associated with the greater efficiency of LED lights also applies, and is applicable to any type of commercial property.

Frequently asked questions

No. We can do it while they are open and work around employees.

Many sizes, with the most common office-used ones being 1200x300mm or 600x600mm panels and 200mm large downlights.

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Lighting is one of the most fundamental aspects of any commercial area, and a poorly done installation can be costly to correct. That’s why it’s important it gets done properly the first time. This is where hiring a licensed commercial electrician from Prime Time can be very beneficial. With a qualified and team of hard-working and friendly staff, we’ll ensure your commercial LED lighting installation in Perth is promptly done to the highest standards. So if you’re considering commercial LED lighting installations or upgrades in Perth, give us a call today on 1300 356 200.

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