05 Oct, 2022
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Strategies to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

If you’re recently thought to yourself ‘why is my electricity bill so high?’, you’re certainly not alone. Plenty of people, often families, often find themselves looking for ways to reduce their energy bills. And the good news is that it’s not difficult at all to make a few simple switches. Here are some simple strategies and small changes to reduce your electricity bill and save money.

Switch light bulbs and appliances off when not in use

Switching lights off when leaving the room is a simple thing you can do to prevent excess energy use, but did you know that a lot of appliances don’t fully power down when they appear to be ‘switched off’? TVs, DVD players, microwaves and ovens (to name a few) all go into a standby power mode rather than powering down, and this still draws electricity. By turning the appliance off at the wall you can prevent this and save on your electricity bill.

And for appliances such as toasters and kettles, which don’t have traditional off switches, you can unplug these at the wall for the same effect. They’re also safer this way too. And don’t forget chargers either. Having them just sit plugged in when not in use uses energy that you have to pay money for.

Replace damaged or faulty power points quickly

Damage to a powerpoint can cause it to use excess energy or use energy when it’s not supposed to. You should always get a qualified electrician to replace any damaged power points as soon as you identify them. A malfunctioning power point also poses a safety risk, so it is extra important to get them fixed. Just remember that all power point installations and repairs should be conducted by a licensed electrician.

Power Point Installation

Buy energy efficient appliances

Many of the appliances in your home get used regularly, if not outright simply running all the time. This represents a significant part of your energy bill, and the difference energy-efficient appliances make on reducing the cost is quite noticeable. Most appliances will have a sticker on them in the store which shows their energy efficiency rating out of five. While it might be a few dollars more upfront to buy the more efficient appliance, they’ll definitely pay for themselves in the long run. Fridges and freezers run all the time and have high running costs, so these are prime candidates for this.

Take advantage of ways to increase you air conditioner's efficiency

There are actually a number of easy ways you can improve your air conditioning efficiency, while also reducing your energy bill. You can start by not cranking it from the beginning and instead heat or cool the house gradually. And it’s important to remember to service your aircon before the summer and winter months to improve its energy efficiency and to clean out any mold or bacteria from inside.

Another good trick is to close doors to areas of the house no one is in, to keep the air conditioned air where it needs to be. Using curtains to keep the heat in/out (depending on the season) also works wonders. You should also look into buying an air conditioner with a good energy star rating as the electricity usage for heating or cooling is usually a lot.

Install LED lighting

LED bulbs are miles better than the other lighting solutions on the market. They are far more efficient in their energy consumption than incandescent or fluorescent lights, and they last far longer. This makes them much cheaper in the long run overall.

LED bulbs are also much brighter and run cold, which also helps reduce your energy bill in other ways. The brightness reduces the amount of lights needed in an area and the temperature reduces the amount of work your air conditioner needs to do. And if you would like to know more about what are the benefits of LED lights, you can read our article on them here.

install led lighting

Source your hot water from the sun

Heating or cooling anything is always an energy-intensive process. A solar hot water heater isn’t as expensive as a full solar power array, and can make a huge difference to your power bill. And they come with a booster too, for when you really need that hot water in a hurry.

You can also reduce the amount of things you use hot water for. Not every clothes washing load needs to be a hot one, which will also save more hot water for showers (quite important in the winter months).

Don't always jump straight to the electronics

Do you need to be so quick to put on the heating? An extra blanket can do wonders. And why don’t you give TV a miss one night. A good book, or a board game with family and friends can be just as entertaining and enriching. You’d be surprised how much energy you can save by not always defaulting to our electronic devices. A little resourcefulness can go a long way, especially when it’s about how to save on your electricity bill.

Make it a team effort

All of the tips mentioned here will be much more effective if the whole family comes together to put them into effect. Educate your children and be vigilant yourselves to ensure you’re reducing your electricity use and maximising the savings as often as possible.

Electrician Team

Who to speak to for more tips?

Everyone’s situation will be different, so if you would like more personalised advice on how to reduce your electricity bill, give Prime Time Electricians a call today on 1300 356 200. We are fully-licensed electricians who do LED lighting installations, conduct energy audits and make any electrical repairs you may need. 

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