08 Feb, 2023
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Office Essentials To Consider When Setting Up Your Business

You might be surprised at exactly how much consideration goes into the planning of the layout, items and technology of a commercial office or home office setup. There’s actually a lot of things you’ll likely need and It’s not very fun finding out you need something the moment it becomes necessary and having to do a last-minute Officeworks scramble to get it. Being prepared is always a better course of action.

And for small business office equipment the difference between quality office supplies and cheap ones can be huge sometimes. So what office essentials should you consider when setting up your business?

Office furniture and storage

While a desk, an office chair, drawers and shelves might seem like simple things at face value, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account when selecting the right ones for you amongst the wide range of options available.

Ergonomic chairs and desk setup

Ergonomic chairs are a simple but very effective piece of furniture, designed to give you the best body support when working. Not only will it be better for your health in the long run, but you’ll also be more productive for longer. These are also best paired with monitors at eye level and a good handrest on your desk for your keyboard. A laptop stand might also be necessary to get the laptop screen at eye level. Also, standing desks are a fantastic option.

Ergonomic chairs and desk setup

Shelves and drawers

Desk space is at a premium in most places (especially in a home workspace), and even if you’re minimising the amount of paper your business uses, you’ll still find that you’ll have things to store and organise. You’ll want to have a mix of open shelves and closed off drawers for your physical storage solutions. Open shelves allow for you to easily see what’s in them at a glance and closed drawers are great for keeping things dust-free.

Technology and equipment

Of course, you won’t find any office these days that isn’t heavily involved in the digital world. And there are some things you will find necessary, and others that will be pretty much indispensable.

Wi-Fi related equipment

Of course, you’ll need the Wi-Fi connected and a router or ethernet cabling to connect them to the computers. If your office is particularly far from the router you may also need an extender to ensure you have a strong connection all the time. Larger corporate businesses often use wired-in fibre optic internet to power a larger number of computers.

Wi Fi related equipment

Headphones and webcams

Most people are familiar with virtual meetings now. And there’s nothing worse than when someone’s audio isn’t up to scratch. A good webcam and speakers will absolutely not break the bank and will have all your ingoing and outgoing audio crisp and clear.


Label printer

Most shelves and drawers don’t come with their own name tag options, so a simple label printer can go a long way to having an organised filing system, and cut down on the time spent searching for documents.

Electrical considerations and commercial fit outs


Lighting is vital to any office space. Being able to see what you’re doing won’t just make it easier for you to work, but it is also better for your eyes. Lighting can also set the mood of a space, and can also subtly affect your employees own mood as well. Many modern offices are opting for LED lighting installation as a more energy efficient and reliable light source.


Powerpoints and powerboards

Powerpoint locations is an important part of determining what you can have in each section of an office, but it’s not the only thing to consider. You’ll also need to ensure your power supply is up to the task. A short circuit is dangerous to both personnel and technology.

If you find that the current power distribution setup is not sufficient then a mains power upgrade might be necessary. While this can be done at any point in an office’s lifespan, it’s easier and less disruptive if it’s done during the initial setup.

Powerpoints and powerboards

Data network cabling

If you’re opting to have hardwired internet rather than Wi-Fi, you’ll need to consider having data network cabling installed. There are a number of benefits of having hardwired internet, including faster speeds and the ability to have VoIP phone systems. Like a mains power upgrade, this is best done during the setup phase of an office, and is available for both home and commercial offices.

The dangers of DIY electrical work

Regardless of whatever electrical considerations you choose to go with, the vital importance of have them installed by a qualified professional remains. DIY electrical work is dangerous to people and will likely void any warranty on the technology.

Commercial spaces have more complex electrical requirements than a residential setting, so it is paramount that you engage a qualified commercial electrician to get the job done properly.

Who do I speak to for more advice regarding office equipment installations?

Despite a lot of the previously mentioned items being widely applicable to a lot of businesses, you will find that some industries and businesses will have their own unique requirements. Our experienced team at Prime Time Electricians have worked with a variety of businesses across many industries, and will have the solution for you.

And regardless of whether you need a minor upgrade to your small business office equipment or a full on commercial fit out, we are fully-qualified licensed electricians with a very high standard and attention to detail. Our team offers testing & tagging of electrical equipment to ensure proper functioning and compliance with Occupational Health & Safety regulations for a safe & efficient commercial space. From involved commercial data network cabling to simple commercial LED lighting installations, it’s all covered. 

So if you need an office electricial fit out, upgrade or just want some advice on where to start when it comes to setting up your office, give our friendly a call on 1300 356 200 today.

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